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"Little Victories" Friday!

Happy Friday! If you missed the initial “Little Victories” post last week, I will recap what the general idea is…Basically, “Little Victories” are what I call the small… More 

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A Breathing Exercise That Could Help You Get Saner About Food

Last week, we got to hear Sprout Yoga founder Maggie’s Real Story about her own struggle with food—and how yoga helped her get better. Here, she shares a… More 

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Real Stories: How Maggie Stopped Bingeing

“Everyone, everywhere deserves to be at ease with themselves and their bodies.” That is the motto of Sprout Yoga—an organization dedicated to providing yoga to those healing from… More 

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Do You Know The Signs That You're About to Binge?

Over the last several years, I’ve been able to identify a few big, flashing, neon signs that, if I pay attention, will warn me that I’m headed toward… More 

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"I'm Mostly Happy, But I Can't Stop Bingeing"

This e-mail came in from a reader named Jen who shared her story, and wanted to know how I stopped binge eating. Figured some of you might want… More 

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What Crazy Diets Have You Tried?

Ever been tempted to click on those ubiquitous “Lose Your Belly Obeying This One Simple Rule” diet ads? Of course you have. It’s human nature to want a… More 

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What Are Your Food Rules? (And…Do You Have Too Many?)

Michael Pollan had a fun and enlightening slideshow on the nytimes.com today all about people’s food rules. We all have them, don’t we? Especially those of us who… More 

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Q for You: Do You Nibble to Ease Anxiety?

Every week or so, I’ll post a Q for You-a topic to write about that can help you understand your eating behavior better and start healing your relationship… More 

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